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with DesignBox(beta).

The most simple task management app for a freelance designer.
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It is available on macOS
(Mojave 10.14+)
It is made for a freelance designer.
Feature 1


DesignBox is made to be simple to focus on your design task. Sophisticated UI never disturb your daily design task. You never miss a client task.

feature 2

It will be your design collection

The most of task app recognize the task as a  transient thing. Because a user doesn't need to make sure re-check again to a finished task such as "Buy milk." But, the task for the freelance designer is different from it.  It will be reused when the client asks you such as " I'd like to change the text-color of the banner which you made before." That's why DesignBox is made to treat the tasks to be your design collection. You can filter the task based on the status quickly. DesignBox recognizes the complete task as an essential thing.

Feature 3

Associate the place of file with a task.

You can associate the task with a specific folder. The working folder is always with the task. You can search the task which by keyword. So you never spend the time anymore to find the working folder for related the task.

feature 4

Big memo pad.

DesignBox has a big memo pad to note more detail information about the task. It is easier to check the content of the task while you are working on.

Start your 60-day trial :-)
I'm developing DesignBox.
It is developing by the freelance designer🎨 in Japan🇯🇵.
Basic plan
・There is no additional fee for setup
・Once your trial end you will be charged
The price will be converted to your local currency by Paddle's payment system.
🛠Update history
August 4, 2019
  • Changed the sound for a done status of a task.
  • Add the function that a task can be deleted by "delete" key.
  • Fixed the code to prevent terminating the app when the close button is clicked.
July 28, 2019
  • Fix the monitoring system for the subscription.
July 26, 2019
  • Changed the sound for done status
July 23, 2019
  • Fix minor bugs
July 21, 2019
  • Change the behavior to be "Ongoing" mode when the list is selected on the left panel.
Let's start your free trial

STEP 1 Download

Sorry, I'm preparing a big update now. If you need the notification please follow my twitter.

Download DesignBox

STEP 2 Unzip

Please unzip the downloaded file. You just double click it to unzip.

STEP 3 Install

Installation is easy in Mac. You just move DesignBox to Application's folder.

STEP4 Open

Select "Open" from the submenu on the app. Then confirm to open. This action is required only the first time.


Q. Why do I need an account?

It is used to manage your trial and subscription status.

Q. Do you store my task data on the server?

I never store your task data on our server. Those are stored in your mac. Because it is an important thing for you.

Q. How do you treat my payment info?

I don't hold your payment information such as credit number and CVV. To keep it safe, all of the payment transaction will be done by Paddle.

Q. Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime on your account page. If you do so, please go to this page.

Q. What happens after I cancel my subscription?

You can enjoy DesignBox until the end of the subscription period. Even it is expired, you can refer the past task data. But, you can not add a new list and a task.

Q. How can I refund?

I offer refunds up to 7 days after your paid subscription began if you are not satisfied with Design Box. To request a refund, please send an e-mail with your registered email and "order number" from your purchase receipt that would have been emailed to you.

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